DOSHS first aid challenge 2022

2nd Runners-Up at the DOSHS First Aid Challenge 2022 in Mombasa.

Fire Equipment

We Equip you for protect against fire tragedy
We safeguard your assets, premises & employees.

Fire Training & Demos

We provide comprehensive fire safety training and demos to ensure
your staff is ready handle for any fire emergecy case.

Fire Site Survey & Design

We conduct a thorough inspection for our clients through our experienced, technical experts
and design a tailored solution to meet their specific requirements.

About Jolemac Fire Protection Limited

Starting its operations since 2002, Jolemac Fire Protection Ltd is one of the fastest-growing fire protection and safety solution providers in Kenya today. Its principal business is the provision of fire protection cover, staff training, and safety solutions. Jolemac Fire Protection Ltd is able to provide dedicated quality services in the fire industry. We blend modern equipment and technology, coupled with a specific design to suit individual customers’ needs. Our personnel are trained and equipped to carry out work to satisfaction of each individual client, no matter how big or small.

We believe in providing our clients with personalized services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To facilitate this, all our personnel are equipped with cellular phones.

Aims at becoming the leading provider of fire protection solutions enterprise in Kenya, through the delivery of first-class outsourcing activities.
To become the leading fire safety company with a conspicuous fire safety policy in Kenya
-Fully registered and certified company in Kenya

-Highest quality fire safety equipment certified to BS and EN3 standards

-Fully Trained and Experienced Personnel for expert

-We supply, install and offer maintenance through our Annual Maintenance Contract

Expert advisor

What We Offer

Our  Services

Fire Safety Site Survey & Design

Our service in this field involves conducting on-site surveys which includes reviewing your current level of efficiency for detection, suppression and evacuation. The survey is done by our certified fire experts to help identify any areas for improvement.

Fire Equipment Sale and Support

We offer a wide range of fire safety products to help you protect your business from fire. As fully licensed fire extinguisher suppliers, we follow all regulations and the Safety Act when servicing and installing fire extinguishers.

Fire Equipment Installation, Service and Maintenance 

We offer our clients regular service, maintenance and repair of all the fire equipment supplied. This ensure that all your equipment are in working condition if ever called upon in times of emergency.

Fire Safety Training & Demos

Demonstration Drill: Safety is a state of mind, not a device. Our Training programs cover Fire and Emergency Services, First Aid Training, OSH Training, OSH Audit and Live Demonstration-Industrial Fire Safety.

Fire Advisory Service

Fire safety advisory services professionals give advise on fire prevention and protection methods, assisting you in understanding fire safety, and providing a variety of counsel, input, and resources on fire safety concerns.


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We are committed to providing safe, reliable and quality fire protection equipment, installation, and training following internationally recognized standards.

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