. Throwing Fire Extinguisher

Throwing fire Extinguisher


“Color Egg” throwable fire extinguishers are special new designed products. They only need to throw it to the fire source to extinguish the fire directly. Easy to use by all ages of people, and quickly extinguish the initial fire. They can also be used to create an escape route in the fire.
These products are suitable for home, school, office, hospital, hotel, shopping center, library, bus, train, car, etc. They are not only fire extinguishers, but can also be used as art decorations because of their rich color.
They are produced in blue, green, red, and orange colors. Several color fire extinguishers in one group will be packed as a beautiful kit.
1. They are suitable for emergency situations of an early-stage fire and because it is easy to use, anybody can use them regardless of age.
2. They are Fast and effective as they can extinguish a fire within 3-5 seconds.
3. They are economic and cost-effective, cheaper than other traditional fire extinguishers.
4. There is no need for maintenance (They are maintenance-free).