Foam Suppression System


Water quenching systems are effective for extinguishing most fires, but they are ineffective or unsuitable for extinguishing in areas where flammable flammable liquids are stored, stored, or produced. Foam extinguishing systems are the most effective extinguishing systems for extinguishing spaces containing flammable liquids. For some installations, such systems, which use special foams as the extinguishing agent, are the only option. Evenos Fire Safety Systems designs foam extinguishing systems, which are the most effective extinguishing systems for extinguishing B-class fires. The systems are assembled, maintained, and serviced as part of the system maintenance contracts.

Hydraulic calculations of imported foam extinguishing systems are performed in accordance with standards, and hydraulic calculation software that is FM approved, UL listed, and VdS approved is used. All of these standards are taken into account, particularly when aircraft and helicopter hangars are extinguished. By hassling the foam agent friction coefficients, the calculations made in the hydraulic calculation programs by segregation of the separately available foam extinguishing systems also provide the user with the closest results. Foam concentrations, foam agents, and foam water solutions are used in conjunction with specialized systems such as foam sprinkler system nozzles, foam generators, foam chambers, and foam monitors.