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Kitchen Hood Suppression System


The systems use the melt wire to detect fires in the quarry or oven area and extinguish them by discharging chemical extinguisher liquid into the oven through the associated nozzle nozzles. The number and type of nozzles vary depending on the size of the oven or oven. The extinguishment of the fire in this region is critical in order to prevent the fire from spreading to the entire structure, as it will grow very quickly with the presence of fire, oil, and similar substances that can come out here and affect the entire kitchen in a short time. The next step is to cause the fire to spread to other parts of the structure, endangering people and property.

Restaurants, restaurants in high-rise commercial establishments, hospitals, healthcare establishments, shopping malls, kitchens, and industrial kitchens are all places where educational practices are common. These automatic systems can also be monitored from the main fire alarm panel in accordance with their requirements and are recognized early by the appropriate personnel. Kitchen hood extinguishing system maintenance is just as important as proper design. Polluted environment conditions, in particular, have the effect of accelerating fire spread. The oil that accumulates on the hood’s surface helps to fuel the fire. As a result, the cleanliness of the systems, as well as their maintenance, should be prioritized.